50th Anniversary Collection - Editors Choice Top 50 Recent Articles - free access

50th Anniversary Collection - Editors Choice Top 50 Recent Articles - free access Promo Image

This year the Journal of Peasant Studies is celebrating its 50th year in print. Since the first volume spanning 1973-1974, JPS has tackled some of the most powerful issues in the rural world. To celebrate the anniversary we are releasing a golden collection of articles free access until August 31st. This collection is the editors' choice top 50 recent articles, selected from the the top cited articles of the last two years and the 2021-2022 Bharadwaj-Wolf Prize winners and finalists.

The collection represents authors from a wide range of countries and covers some of the most pressing political issues of our time, including climate change, extractivism, renewable energy, social movements, agricultural technologies and more.

Editors Choice Top 50 Recent Articles
2021-2022 Bharadwaj-Wolf Prize Winners
Tanya Matthan – Beyond bad weather: climates of uncertainty in rural India
Gabe Schwartzman – Climate rentierism after coal: forests, carbon offsets, and post-coal politics in the Appalachian coalfields
Bharadwaj-Wolf Prize Finalists
Gerardo A Torres Contreras – Twenty-five years under the wind turbines in La Venta, Mexico: social difference, land control and agrarian change
Daniela  Andrade – Neoliberal extractivism: Brazil in the twenty-first century
Eloisa Berman-Arévalo – Mapping violent land orders: armed conflict, moral economies, and the trajectories of land occupation and dispossession in the Colombian Caribbean
Enrique Castañón Ballivián  – Situating ethno-territorial claims: dynamics of land exclusion in the Guarayos Forest Reserve, Bolivia
Antonio Roman-Alcalá  – Agrarian anarchism and authoritarian populism: towards a more (state-)critical ‘critical agrarian studies’
Daniela Calmon – Shifting frontiers: the making of Matopiba in Brazil and global redirected land use and control change
Top cited recent articles
Borras, Saturnino M., Jr.; Scoones, Ian; Baviskar, Amita; Edelman, Marc; Peluso, Nancy Lee; Wolford, Wendy, Climate change and agrarian struggles: an invitation to contribute to a JPS Forum

Dunlap, Alexander; Arce, Martin Correa, 'Murderous energy' in Oaxaca, Mexico: wind factories, territorial struggle and social warfare

Shattuck, Annie, Generic, growing, green?: The changing political economy of the global pesticide complex

Holt-Gimenez, Eric; Shattuck, Annie; Van Lammeren, Ilja, Thresholds of resistance: agroecology, resilience and the agrarian question

Torres Contreras, Gerardo A., Twenty-five years under the wind turbines in La Venta, Mexico: social difference, land control and agrarian change

Akram-Lodhi, A. Haroon, The ties that bind? Agroecology and the agrarian question in the twenty-first century

Selwyn, Benjamin, A green new deal for agriculture: for, within, or against capitalism?

Jakobsen, Jostein; Westengen, Ola T., The imperial maize assemblage: maize dialectics in Malawi and India

Ertor, Irmak, 'We are the oceans, we are the people!': fisher people's struggles for blue justice

Ra, Doi; Kham, Sai Sam; Barbesgaard, Mads; Franco, Jennifer C.; Vervest, Pietje, The politics of Myanmar's agrarian transformation

Green, W. Nathan, Placing Cambodia's agrarian transition in an emerging Chinese food regime

Reisman, Emily, Sanitizing agri-food tech: COVID-19 and the politics of expectation

Li, Tania Murray, Commons, co-ops, and corporations: assembling Indonesia's twenty-first century land reform

Chagnon, Christopher W.; Durante, Francesco; Gills, Barry K.; Hagolani-Albov, Sophia E.; Hokkanen, Saana; Kangasluoma, Sohvi M. J.; Konttinen, Heidi; Kroger, Markus; LaFleur, William; Ollinaho, Ossi; Vuola, Marketta P. S., From extractivism to global extractivism: the evolution of an organizing concept

Clark, Timothy P.; Longo, Stefano B., Global labor value chains, commodification, and the socioecological structure of severe exploitation. A case study of the Thai seafood sector

Nygren, Anja; Kroger, Markus; Gills, Barry, Global extractivisms and transformative alternatives

Dzanku, Fred Mawunyo; Tsikata, Dzodzi; Ankrah, Danial Adu, The gender and geography of agricultural commercialisation: what implications for the food security of Ghana's smallholder farmers?

Prasse-Freeman, Elliott, Necroeconomics: dispossession, extraction, and indispensable/expendable laborers in contemporary Myanmar

Newell, Peter, Climate justice

Marion Suiseeya, Kimberly R.; Zanotti, Laura; Haapala, Kate, Navigating the spaces between human rights and justice: cultivating Indigenous representation in global environmental governance

Pattnaik, Itishree; Lahiri-Dutt, Kuntala, Do women like to farm? Evidence of growing burdens of farming on women in rural India

Jodhka, Surinder S., Why are the farmers of Punjab protesting?

Ra, Doi; Ju, Khu Khu, 'Nothing about us, without us': reflections on the challenges of building Land in Our Hands, a national land network in Myanmar/Burma

Bada, Xochitl; Fox, Jonathan, Persistent rurality in Mexico and 'the right to stay home'

Sekine, Yukari, Emerging 'agrarian climate justice' struggles in Myanmar

Reina, Jenniffer Vargas, Coalitions for land grabbing in wartime: state, paramilitaries and elites in Colombia

Hopewell, Kristen, Heroes of the developing world? Emerging powers in WTO agriculture negotiations and dispute settlement

Ayele, Seife, The resurgence of agricultural mechanisation in Ethiopia: rhetoric or real commitment?

Tom, Tom, COVID-19, lockdown and peasants in Zimbabwe

Illien, Patrick; Nino, Helena Perez; Bieri, Sabin, Agrarian class relations in Rwanda: a labour-centred perspective
de los Reyes, Julie Ann, Re-making Pascua Lama: corporate financialisation and the production of extractive space

Andrade, Daniela, Neoliberal extractivism: Brazil in the twenty-first century

Niederle, Paulo; Petersen, Paulo; Coudel, Emilie; Grisa, Catia; Schmitt, Claudia; Sabourin, Eric; Schneider, Evandro; Brandenburg, Alfio; Lamine, Claire, Ruptures in the agroecological transitions: institutional change and policy dismantling in Brazil

Kumar, Satendra, Class, caste and agrarian change: the making of farmers' protests

Lerche, Jens, The farm laws struggle 2020-2021: class-caste alliances and bypassed agrarian transition in neoliberal India

Pruegl, Elisabeth; Joshi, Saba, Productive farmers and vulnerable food securers: contradictions of gender expertise in international food security discourse

Pattenden, Jonathan; Wastuti, Mia, 'Waiting for the call to prayer': exploitation, accumulation and social reproduction in rural Java

Baviskar, Amita; Levien, Michael, Farmers' protests in India: introduction to the JPS Forum

Camargo, Alejandro, Imagined transitions: agrarian capitalism and climate change adaptation in Colombia

Batubara, Bosman; Kooy, Michelle; Van Leynseele, Yves; Zwarteveen, Margreet; Ujianto, Ari, Urbanization in (post-) New Order Indonesia: connecting unevenness in the city with that in the countryside

Boelens, Rutgerd et al. Riverhood: political ecologies of socionature commoning and translocal struggles for water justice

Bruna, Natacha, A climate-smart world and the rise of Green Extractivism

Xu, Huijiao; Ye, Jingzhong, Soil as a site of struggle: differentiated rifts under different modes of farming in intensive commercial agriculture in urbanizing China

Wesz Junior, Valdemar Joao; Escher, Fabiano; Fares, Tomaz Mefano, Why and how is China reordering the food regime? The Brazil-China soy-meat complex and COFCO's global strategy in the Southern Cone