50th Anniversary Collection - Top 50 Most Read Articles - free access

50th Anniversary Collection - Top 50 Most Read Articles - free access Promo Image

This year the Journal of Peasant Studies is celebrating its 50th year in print. Since the first volume spanning 1973-1974, JPS has tackled some of the most powerful issues in the rural world. To celebrate the anniversary we are releasing a golden collection of articles free access until August 31st. This collection includes the top 50 most read articles in JPS history. They cover classic concepts, but also pressing timely issues and articles used in classrooms, study groups, and among practitioners around the world. We hope this collection continues to spur thought and creative action.

Top 50 Most Read Articles in JPS History

Scoones, Ian, Livelihoods perspectives and rural development

Fairhead, James; Leach, Melissa; Scoones, Ian, Green Grabbing: a new appropriation of nature?

Patel, Raj, Food sovereignty

Kay, Cristóbal, Development strategies and rural development: exploring synergies, eradicating poverty

McMichael, Philip, A food regime genealogy

Patel, Raj, The Long Green Revolution

Moore, Jason W., The Capitalocene, Part I: on the nature and origins of our ecological crisis

Clapp, Jennifer; Moseley, William G., This food crisis is different: COVID-19 and the fragility of the neoliberal food security order

Scoones, Ian; Edelman, Marc; Borras, Saturnino M., Jr.; Hall, Ruth; Wolford, Wendy; White, Ben, Emancipatory rural politics: confronting authoritarian populism

Borras, Saturnino M., Jr.; Hall, Ruth; Scoones, Ian; White, Ben; Wolford, Wendy, Towards a better understanding of global land grabbing: an editorial introduction

Edelman, Marc; Weis, Tony; Baviskar, Amita; Borras, Saturnino M., Jr.; Holt-Giménez, Eric; Kandiyoti, Deniz; Wolford, Wendy, Introduction: critical perspectives on food sovereignty

Hall, Ruth; Scoones, Ian; Tsikata, Dzodzi, Plantations, outgrowers and commercial farming in Africa: agricultural commercialisation and implications for agrarian change

Borras, Saturnino M., Jr., Agrarian change and peasant studies: changes, continuities and challenges - an introduction

Martinez-Alier, Joan; Temper, Leah; Del Bene, Daniela; Scheidel, Arnim, Is there a global environmental justice movement?

Hall, Ruth; Edelman, Marc; Borras, Saturnino M., Jr.; Scoones, Ian; White, Ben; Wolford, Wendy, Resistance, acquiescence or incorporation? An introduction to land grabbing and political reactions 'from below'

Levien, Michael; Watts, Michael; Yan Hairong, Agrarian Marxism

Altieri, Miguel A.; Nicholls, Clara I., Agroecology and the reconstruction of a post-COVID-19 agriculture

Peluso, Nancy Lee; Lund, Christian, New frontiers of land control: Introduction

Cliffe, Lionel; Alexander, Jocelyn; Cousins, Ben; Gaidzanwa, Rudo, An overview of Fast Track Land Reform in Zimbabwe: editorial introduction

White, Ben; Borras, Saturnino M., Jr.; Hall, Ruth; Scoones, Ian; Wolford, Wendy, The new enclosures: critical perspectives on corporate land deals

Randeria, Shalini; Peschard, Karine, "Keeping seeds in our hands": the rise of seed activism

Levien, Michael, The land question: special economic zones and the political economy of dispossession in India

Scoones, Ian, Pastoralists and peasants: perspectives on agrarian change

Oliveira, Gustavo; Hecht, Susanna, Sacred groves, sacrifice zones and soy production: globalization, intensification and neo-nature in South America

Altieri, Miguel A.; Manuel Toledo, Victor, The agroecological revolution in Latin America: rescuing nature, ensuring food sovereignty and empowering peasants

van der Ploeg, Jan Douwe, From biomedical to politico-economic crisis: the food system in times of Covid-19

Giménez, Eric Holt; Shattuck, Annie, Food crises, food regimes and food movements: rumblings of reform or tides of transformation?

Moyo, Sam, Three decades of agrarian reform in Zimbabwe

Gerber, Julien-François, Degrowth and critical agrarian studies

Stone, Glenn Davis; Glover, Dominic, Heirloom rice in Ifugao: an 'anti-commodity' in the process of commodification

Bernstein, Henry, Agrarian political economy and modern world capitalism: the contributions of food regime analysis

Zoomers, Annelies, Globalisation and the foreignisation of space: seven processes driving the current global land grab

Saturnino M. Borras Jr., Ian Scoones, Amita Baviskar, Marc Edelman, Nancy Lee Peluso & Wendy Wolford, Climate change and agrarian struggles: an invitation to contribute to a JPS Forum

Woodhouse, Philip; Veldwisch, Gert Jan; Venot, Jean-Philippe; Brockington, Dan; Komakech, Hans; Manjichi, Angela, African farmer-led irrigation development: re-framing agricultural policy and investment?

Clapp, Jennifer; Newell, Peter; Brent, Zoe W., The global political economy of climate change, agriculture and food systems

van der Ploeg, Jan Douwe, The political economy of agroecology

Montenegro de Wit, Maywa, What grows from a pandemic? Toward an abolitionist agroecology

Taylor, Marcus, Climate-smart agriculture: what is it good for?

Moore, Jason W., The Capitalocene Part II: accumulation by appropriation and the centrality of unpaid work/energy

van der Ploeg, Jan Douwe, Farmers' upheaval, climate crisis and populism

Patel, Raj; Goodman, Jim, The Long New Deal

Agarwal, Bina, Food sovereignty, food security and democratic choice: critical contradictions, difficult conciliations

Borras, Saturnino M., Jr.; Franco, Jennifer C.; Isakson, S. Ryan; Levidow, Les; Vervest, Pietje, The rise of flex crops and commodities: implications for research

Schiavoni, Christina M., The contested terrain of food sovereignty construction: toward a historical, relational and interactive approach

Durante, Francesco; LaFleur, William; Chagnon, Christopher W.; Ollinaho, Ossi; Kangasluoma, Sohvi M.J.; Konttinen, Heidi; Vuola, Marketta P.S.; Kröger, Markus; Hokkanen, Saana;  Hagolani-Albov, Sophia E.; Gills, Barry K., From extractivism to global extractivism: the evolution of an organizing concept

Desmarais, Annette Aurelie; Wittman, Hannah, Farmers, foodies and First Nations: getting to food sovereignty in Canada

Bernstein, Henry, Food sovereignty via the 'peasant way': a sceptical view

Fletcher, Robert; Dressler, Wolfram H.; Anderson, Zachary R.; Buscher, Bram, Natural capital must be defended: green growth as neoliberal biopolitics

Randeria, Shalini; Peschard, Karine, Taking Monsanto to court: legal activism around intellectual property in Brazil and India

McMichael, Philip, The land grab and corporate food regime restructuring